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Grandview Partners

Relationship Expectations

Providing the Best Financial Planning Possible
& Building Excellent Long-Term Relationships

We believe that the key to any successful business relationship is to have clear expectations from the beginning. We ask that you read the tenets by which we operate, what you can expect from us, and what we expect from you, as our client.

Our Tenets:

  • Financial life planning is an ongoing process involving goal‐setting, cash flow planning, risk management, investment management, asset protection, healthcare planning, tax planning and estate planning.
  • Open and honest communication is critical for a mutually beneficial relationship.
  • We employ a systematic approach to achieve thoroughness and efficiency in providing comprehensive financial life planning services.
  • A terrific plan requires a time commitment from you as well as from us.
  • We believe in a disciplined investment approach based on long-term strategic asset allocation. We do not try to time the market.
  • We enjoy working with great people who appreciate the true value of our services.
  • Everyone should have the opportunity to live a great life. Our goal is to help people achieve this.
  • Our initial planning fees are based on the complexity of your needs. The portfolio fee covers all continuing planning services, including investment management.

What We Deliver

  1. We look at all aspects of your life to create an ongoing financial life plan that fits your goals, values and resources, as well as maximizes your opportunities.
  2. We assist you all along the way with the “heavy lifting” process of implementing your plan. Then we monitor your plan regularly to make certain that all parts stay relevant and updated.
  3. We keep all your information confidential, safe and secure. Our client portal and office systems employ advanced security features and protocols to protect your data. We share information only as needed with attorneys, accountants and other professionals with whom you may be working.
  4. We strive to return all phone calls within one working day and emails within two working days. We will inform you of any short-term deviations from this policy.
  5. We have regular meetings to keep you up to date with your plan. We review each of the following at least once a year:
    • Goal planning, cash flow, income needs and life changes.
    • Investment portfolio status related to risk, allocation, taxes and performance.
    • Other planning items that may include risk management, estate plan and tax strategies, etc.
    • Areas of concern that may arise in your financial situation throughout the year.
  1. We are very flexible in both the timing of when we are available and methods of communication to make meeting participation convenient for you.
  2. We will direct you to what we feel is the best and widest range of investments that fit our investment philosophy per our Investment Policy Statement.
  3. We commit to always doing our best on your behalf. We are proud to serve you, always putting your needs before our own. We love what we do and take pride in doing the best job possible.
  4. Our fees are fully disclosed to you.

What We Expect From You:

  1. I am willing to participate in the Grandview Financial Planning process as described above on a continuing basis. I understand that each part of the process is interdependent and requires information or participation from me.
  2. I am willing to delegate the implementation and monitoring of my plan to Grandview Partners. I understand that if I act without Grandview’s input or knowledge, this may affect Grandview’s ability to provide appropriate advice. I am hiring you to help me enjoy life more fully, and part of this process is to let you do what you do best.
  3. I agree to be responsive to emails and phone calls within a reasonable period of time. Many financial planning issues are time-sensitive, most especially tax items.
  4. I agree to provide requested data and documents in a timely fashion. As requested via email, private link or the client portal.
  5. I understand that Grandview Partners only accepts clients that agree with their investment philosophy. Diversification is the key to sound investing, and we want to work with clients that appreciate this approach, as opposed to clients who want to follow the “herd” mentality of the latest “hot” investment.
  6. I understand that Grandview Partners will only provide advice on investments selected through their research. We pay for and utilize a large number of investment research sources. It is not time or cost‐effective for us to investigate investments that do not fit our investment philosophy.
  7. I appreciate that Grandview Partners keeps flexible hours for clients as well as for staff. Deviations from the normal schedule are communicated via company newsletter, email response and/or through direct communication.
  8. I appreciate that Grandview Partners' dress code is casual on days there are no client meetings and on weekends. Clients are welcome to “drop by” the office but we may be in casual attire.
  9. I understand that Grandview Partners takes full responsibility for their errors. You agree to make us aware of errors as soon as they are discovered. We do our best to minimize and correct all errors.
  10. I agree that our relationship needs to be reevaluated if we feel as though it is weakening, or we become incompatible. We are committed to living our lives from a place of joy and kindness, and hope to have long‐lasting, healthy relationships with all of our clients.